Duchess Ring | Golden Rutile, Sterling Silver with Gold Plate

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T H E   D U C H E S S   R I N G

Newest member of the Monarch Range, the Duchess Ring features a sterling silver band with a gold plate crown that frames the stunning oval shaped Golden Rutile stone with style and sophistication - Gold Plated Sterling Silver with Golden Rutile


G O L D E N  R U T I L E

Hailing from the powerful quartz family, golden rutile or rutilated quartz has long been revered for its use as an amplifier of thoughts and ability to assist with manifesting personal desires and goals. This prismatic quartz contains golden rutile inclusions formed from titanium dioxide, possessing unique, intricate form and an intense energy. Mainly found in Madagascar, India and Brazil, golden rutile promotes a connection with the divine and is conducive to lucid dreaming and cleansing the aura.

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