Bek Earring | Blue Topaz with Sterling Silver and Gold Plate

$485 AUD

Tax included.

T H E   B E K   E A R R I N G S

The beautiful Bek Earrings perfectly star the uniquely cut faceted blue Topaz stones. Hugged in Gold Plate detailing, they form an irresistible pop of divine colour and shape to complete any outfit - 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plate with Faceted Blue Topaz


B L U E  T O P A Z

The beautiful shimmer of the blue topaz stone emanates the energy of the mind, replenishing and encouraging one's self confidence and the desire for knowledge. Lighting the flame of creativity and curiosity, it guides us down paths of better communication and clearer thoughts and thus providing a peacefulness and calmness within. This harmonious stone allows us to fight chaos and relish in positive and proactive emotions.


925  S T E R L I N G  S I L V E R

The metal of the Moon, silver brings calm and balance to its wearer. Used by ancient civilisations in lunar ceremonies to harness the energy of the Moon and protect from negativity, it is the metal of emotions, love and healing. Natural and pure in its form, our silver is never rhodium plated and thus develops its own unique personality as it ages – a speckled patina of grey, golden or black-brown enhances its individual nature - though a simple polish quickly restores brilliant shine.

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