Coyote Tri Ring in Gold Plated Brass & Turquoise

$64.80 AUD

The coyote is deeply involved in Native American story of the earth’s origin.  Responsible for planning the cycle of moon and sun, night and day - legend depicts the coyote as a symbol of new birth. This distinctive gold-plated ring spans from the base of the finger to the knuckle and houses three rounded turquoise cabochons. Unique, every-day interest.

Turquoise, stone of the sky, is considered by Native Americans to be protective and a bestower of goodness, and has been valued for its beauty and spiritual qualities for thousands of years. Natural American turquoise varies in hue from a brilliant bright blue to pale, serene aqua and can contain matrixed inclusions of earthy stone or pyrite in black and brown speckles. Long prized for its strength in aligning the chakras, turquoise can aid in furthering peace of mind and enhancing a meditative state.



L 38mm x W 19.1mm