En Tribe Earrings | Lapis Lazuli and Gold Plate

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E N   T R I B E   E A R R I N G S

A subtle statement maker characterised by geometric artistry, the En Tribe earrings are an amalgam of the rebellious and elemental. Match with pieces from our En Tribe story or sport a singular, minimal look - Brass Gold Plate with Lapis


L A P I S  L A Z U L I 

Prevalent in ancient Egyptian jewellery, and a symbol of royalty and wisdom, lapis lazuli is characterised by its intense, midnight blue hue and shimmering golden flecks. A combination of three minerals, - lazurite, calcite and pyrite - lapis lazuli is in legend said to ‘have existed before time was born’. An ancient stone reminiscent of the night sky and shining stars, this parallel explains its spiritual importance in connecting the physical plane with the celestial kingdom. Enhancing wisdom, intuition and the growth of psychic abilities.


B R A S S   G O L D   P L A T E

Gold has been a symbol of wealth and power throughout history. Of over a millennia gold has been used in coins, jewellery, fabrics, ornaments and many other luxury items. We think the coolest thing about gold is its power to increase the energy of the stones that are set in our jewellery. Gold can be used to create powerful amulets and talisman helping to attract and maintain a stones spiritual and healing attributes. 




L 37mm x W 18.4mm

H of stone 6mm