En Tribe Neck Cuff | Pushmataaha

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E N   T R I B E   N E C K   C U F F

Inspired by tribal adornment of bold symbolic chest and neck pieces, two inward facing inlayed lapis lazuli arrows rest on the collar bones while joined by a sterling silver wire that contours around the neck. The native American belief is that having an arrow point to the left wards off evil, and to the right, promotes protection of self - Sterling Silver


925   S T E R L I N G    S I L V E R

The metal of the Moon and having been long revered since antiquity, silver is reflective and used to mirror the soul, bringing calm and balance to its wearer. Used by ancient civilisations in lunar ceremonies to harness the energy of the Moon and protect from negativity, it is the metal of emotions, love and healing. Natural and pure in its form, our silver is never rhodium plated and thus develops its own unique personality as it ages – a speckled patina of grey, golden or black-brown enhances its individual nature - though a simple polish quickly restores brilliant shine.