Janni Drop Earrings | Pushmataaha

$112.00 AUD

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J A N N I   D R O P   E A R R I N G

Delicate and timeless, the bold faceted black onyx hangs just below the ear with beautiful ease from the gold plated hook with its seamless line down to hug around the featured stone - Sterling Silver Gold Plate & Faceted Black Onyx


B L A C K   O N Y X

Long revered for its ability to aid self control, decision making and intuition, black onyx also provides powerful protection from negative energy and promotes emotional well-being. Believed by Indian & Persian cultures to protect from the ‘evil-eye’ and fortify self-confidence and a sharpening of the senses. Associated with the planet Saturn, black onyx purifies and brings its wearer in tune with the present.