Janni Drop Earrings | Pushmataaha

$112.00 AUD

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J A N N I   D R O P   E A R R I N G

Delicate and timeless, the timeless faceted crystal hangs just below the ear with beautiful ease from the gold plated hook with its seamless line down to hug around the featured stone - Sterling Silver Gold Plate & Faceted Crystal



Abundant in beneficial properties, and renowned for its ability to cleanse, heal and balance the chakras, the glass-like transparency of crystal has long been a source of light to mankind. Referred to by many names – rock crystal, crystal quartz, clear quartz – is part of one of the largest families in the mineral kingdom. Highly valued by spiritual leaders and healers as well as in the realm of science, crystal aids in shielding the aura, healing and expelling negativity and allowing its wearer to retain serenity, clarity and focus.