Kindred Spirits Neck Cuff | Lapis and 925 Sterling silver

$220 AUD $660 AUD
K I N D R E D   S P I R I T S    N E C K   C U F F 

Perfectly paired with out Kindred Spirits Cuff, this neck cuff is inventive, intoxicating and intriguing. The smooth Sterling Silver band wraps around the neck and comes to the collar bone to show off two Lapis stones. A statement and a staple - 925 Sterling silver & hand carved lapis lazuli.


L A P I S   L A Z U L I

The lapis lazuli stone is known for its intense, midnight blue hue and shimmering golden flecks. A combination of three minerals, - lazurite, calcite and pyrite - lapis lazuli is in legend said to ‘have existed before time was born’.  It's belived to be a deeply spiritual stone and has been an important  talisman within many anchient cultures. Lapis Lazuli can bring its wearer mental clarity and an increase is psychic communication to spiritual guides. It is believed to create a bridge from the spirit world, protecting the wearer in the physical world,  enhancing wisdom, intuition and the growth of psychic abilities.

925   S T E R L I N G   S I L V E R 

The metal of the Moon, silver brings calm and balance to its wearer. Used by ancient civilisations in lunar ceremonies to harness the energy of the Moon and protect from negativity, it is the metal of emotions, love and healing. Natural and pure in its form, our silver is never rhodium plated and thus develops its own unique personality as it ages – a speckled patina of grey, golden or black-brown enhances its individual nature - though a simple polish quickly restores brilliant shine.


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