Leaf Drop Earrings | Pushmataaha

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L E A F   D R O P   E A R R I N G

A collaboration with the National Art Gallery of NSW, Inspired by The Lady and The Unicorn Tapestry. 

The Leaf Drop Earrings represent the Millefleur or thousand flowers background style displayed in the 6 pieces. Each flower in the tapestries are unique in design and are based on specific species on plant and flower - Brass Gold Plate


B R A S S  G O L D  P L A T E

The metal of the Sun and prized throughout history, gold has been coveted by civilizations worldwide for its myriad attributes. Positively charged with solar energy, it has been referred to in ancient texts as a ‘master healer’ and used to balance energy fields, purify and balance the heart chakra and actualize intrinsic potential. The most noble of metals and believed to be a generator of energy and remover of blockages, gold promotes warmth, lovingness and spirituality.