Monarch Earrings

$110.00 AUD

Gold Plated Brass & Black Onyx


Evolved from the classic Pushmataaha Monarch rings, this regal design features hand-carved, glistening black onyx cabochons within a regal, gold-plated setting. Ornamental beauty with timeless appeal and versatility. Pair it with the Princess or Empress Monarch Rings or as a stand-alone statement.

Long revered for its ability to aid self control, decision making and intuition, black onyx also provides powerful protection from negative energy and promotes emotional well-being. Believed by Indian & Persian cultures to protect from the ‘evil-eye’ and fortify self-confidence and a sharpening of the senses. Associated with the planet Saturn, black onyx purifies and brings its wearer in tune with the present.



L 34.2mm x W of stone 12.5mm