Orion Ring | Smoky Quartz and Brass with Gold Plate

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A sleek and stylish ring that has a clean design with a strip of smoky quartz set in a gold-plated bezel, pair with our Orion cuff for a chic look - Smoky Quartz and Brass with Gold Plate


Please be advised that our Sale items are packed in a jewellery pouch. If pieces purchased are for a gift, our jewellery boxes are also available online and shall be sent with sale items.


S M O K Y  Q U A R T Z
Smoky Quartz offers a rare and beautiful transparency that draws light into shades of black and brown. With crystals as pale and surreal as a wisp of smoke, as dark and clear as midnight waters, or as warm and rich as a cognac by the fire, this mineral honors its connection with Mother Earth. It is a talisman of the Root Chakra, an anchor in the natural world, drawing white light energy from the Crown down through the body to be deeply rooted into the physical plane. It initiates movement of primal forces within the body and activates one’s survival instincts in a purified way. It brings strength and stability, and a sense of personal pride in walking the Earth and inhabiting a human form.

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