Priestess Ring | Gold Plated Brass and Sterling Silver Cabochon

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P R I E S T E S S   R I N G

Repeatedly occurring in Cherokee myths, stories and ceremonies, the number seven represents the height of purity and sacredness. The Priestess Ring features a gleaming gold-plated band, detailed with geometric cut-outs and seven polished sterling silver hemispheres. A reminder of the many paths of human existence - Gold Plated Brass & Sterling Silver Cabochon


925   S T E R L I N G   S I L V E R

The metal of the Moon and having been long revered since antiquity, silver is reflective and used to mirror the soul, bringing calm and balance to its wearer. Used by ancient civilizations in lunar ceremonies to harness the energy of the Moon and protect from negativity, it is the metal of emotions, love and healing. Natural and pure in its form, our silver is never rhodium plated and thus develops its own unique personality as it ages – a speckled patina of grey, golden or black-brown enhances its individual nature - though a simple polish quickly restores brilliant shine.


B R A S S  G O L D  P L A T E

The metal of the Sun and prized throughout history, gold has been coveted by civilizations worldwide for its myriad attributes. Positively charged with solar energy, it has been referred to in ancient texts as a ‘master healer’ and used to balance energy fields, purify and balance the heart chakra and actualize intrinsic potential. The most noble of metals and believed to be a generator of energy and remover of blockages, gold promotes warmth, lovingness and spirituality.




Diameter of each ball 7.9mm x depth 9mm

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