Princess Monarch Ring in Gold Plated Sterling Silver & White Mojave Calcite

$154.00 AUD

One of our signature Monarch Rings, the Princess features a sterling silver band and regal gold-plated crown setting, adorned with a unique white Mojave calcite cabochon. The intricate crown and squaw wrapped band make for a piece of rare artistry.

A mineral primarily composed of limestone, calcite is generally colourless or white – but can adopt various colours and inclusions from its surrounding environment during formation. White Mojave calcite, from the arid Mojave region of the United States, is desert-like with clouds of earthy browns and strands of shimmering gold running sporadically through its surface. Associated with the four elements: fire, earth, wind and water, calcite is believed to enhance metaphysical energies and to act as a grounding, protective force.




L of stone 17.8mm x W of stone 14mm