Shahaka Ring | Pushmataaha

$330.00 AUD

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Gold Plated Sterling Silver & Moonstone Cabochon


An elegant and exotic beauty, the Shahaka Ring has long been a favorite of celebrities and coveted by jewel lovers. Two majestic gold-plated crowns surround rainbow moonstone cabochons, embellished with side detailing of garnet and turquoise. A ribbed sterling silver band connects the two crowns and completes the piece for delicate, incomparable adornment.

Admired by the Romans, as they believed it was born from solidified rays of the moon, moonstone is reactive and responds to its environment; flashes of rainbow hues are emitted when it catches the light. A semi-opaque surface allows glimpses of its interior layers, abundant with mystical inclusions. The energy of moonstone is balanced, introspective and reflective. A talisman of good fortune and protection and often given to travellers before embarking on a journey. A mesmerizing stone and excellent to use in meditation to understand oneself.



Diameter of each stone 12.5mm 

Width from edge to edge 32mm