Signet Ring | Sterling Silver with Faceted Topaz Pushmataaha

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S I G N E T   R I N G

Our take on a traditional style, The Signet Ring is the perfect mix of classic and contemporary. The  Sterling Silver band hugs the finger as it grows to stunningly frame the oval shaped Blue Topaz stone. A comfortable ring that you'll never want to take off - 925 Sterling Silver with Blue Topaz


B L U E  T O P A Z

The beautiful shimmer of the blue topaz stone emanates the energy of the mind, replenishing and encouraging one's self confidence and the desire for knowledge. Lighting the flame of creativity and curiosity, it guides us down paths of better communication and clearer thoughts and thus providing a peacefulness and calmness within. This harmonious stone allows us to fight chaos and relish in positive and proactive emotions.

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