Duchess Ring | Amazonite, Sterling Silver with Gold Plate

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T H E   D U C H E S S   R I N G

Newest member to the Monarch Range, the Duchess Ring features a sterling silver band with a gold plate crown that frames the captivating oval shaped Amazonite stone with style and sophistication - Gold Plated Sterling Silver with Amazonite


A M A Z O N I T E 

A prized amulet stone in many ancient civilizations, amazonite was found amidst Tutankhamen’s treasures, worn as tribal adornment in pre-Columbian South & Central America and carved into tablets of the Egyptian “Book of the Dead”. An energetic stone and as powerful as the river it was named for, its captivating green shades soothe emotions and dispel irritation. Varying in its natural form, some white, pale-yellow and deeper turquoise inclusions can be found in the stone. Especially rejuvenating to the heart and throat Chakras, enhancing loving communication on all levels.

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