Duchess Ring | Blue Copper Turquoise, Sterling Silver with Gold Plate

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T H E   D U C H E S S   R I N G

Newest member of the Monarch Range, the Duchess Ring features a sterling silver band with a gold plate crown that frames the stunning oval shaped Blue Copper Turquoise stone with style and sophistication - Gold Plated Sterling Silver with Blue Copper Turquoise


B L U E  C O P P E R  T U R Q U O I S E

Turquoise, stone of the sky, is considered by Native Americans to be protective and a bestower of goodness, and has been valued for its beauty and spiritual qualities for thousands of years. A brilliant bright blue hue is complemented by a matrix of earthy copper, ranging in colour from light rose to orange-red and brown. Long prized for its strength in aligning the chakras, turquoise can aid in furthering peace of mind and enhancing a meditative state. The copper matrix promotes initiative, optimism and independence and can assist with circulation.

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