Three Brothers Ring | Sterling Silver and Bone

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T H R E E   B R O T H E R S   R I N G

The celestial Three Brothers ring is one of our statement styles made even more unique with a trio of faceted buffalo bone nubian points. A sterling silver setting and our signature wire wrapping completes this timeless piece - Sterling Silver & Bone


B U F F A L O   B O N E

Sourced only from naturally perished buffalo, the soul of this majestic beast lives on in our hand-crafted pieces. Use of buffalo bone in jewellery was first recorded thousands of years ago, with Native American tribes hunting the animal for food, using its skins for warmth and carving its bones for ceremonial breastplates, chokers and tribal adornment. Regarded as a sacred animal, the buffalo was revered for its powerful traits – strength, endurance and courage – and by wearing bone jewellery it was believed the wearer would be enhanced by these qualities. Our sustainably sourced bone pieces carry on this ancient tradition but with a contemporary edge, melding the earthy soul of the buffalo with gleaming sterling silver and radiant gold-plate.

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